Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Born to Love

"Born to Love" was written for a very dear sister-friend for her birthday!!! It was a different take on my writing... A new attempt yet again ... :-)

In the dawn of life,
God appeared and whispered,
“O my lovely new life,
A pure soul in a tender embodiment!
What should I bless you with?
Love and care, or wealth and pomp?

Lovely little life lit the lantern of love,
To lead the ways that are yet to come;
Blessed was it, thus born was she,
To the tender hands of her mother.

She cried with no tears,
Only to feed on love and care,
And the warmth that was showered!
She grew, with no fears;
Bound and secured to bonds
Of giving and sharing.

Days flew like winds
Over the sands of time;
With each passing day and growing imprints,
Grew did she – a beautiful she!
Growing over phases and trying times,
Win did she, the real wealth,
Impeccable and imperishable,
Of knowledge and love.
Capturing and taming hearts
Of hate and fate with love;
She lives, rules yet serves the ones,
The wealth, the real health –
Love; always sought, never stealth!

God bless thee, my love,
Bless thee and thy dears.
Love is you and all around
And all that seeks you!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reviling the past!!!

Yesterday, I lived my past again.... Walking around the same old corridors, running between the benches and chairs, playing in the basketball groud, gossiping, love, friendship, classes, exams.... All these tags just popped up into my mind within a minute.... Visiting your OWN school after years can be nothing less than a "Time machine adventure"!!!!! Nothing, to me, was as interesting as those years .....

I studied in St. Thomas Central School from my 9th to 12th grades.... 4 precious years best exploited!!! 9th standard was a horror... It was very difficult a time for me to get along with others... The timid age, where people get to know about many things, when boys and girls tease each other, I remember catching the collar of my friend's shirt when she gossiped about me with another guy in my class.... @PREETHI MENON thanks for those wonderful memories dear... Every moment I think of it, I just cannot control my laughter.... I still remember, she was afraid to sit beside me after that for a long time... We had a wonderful group of friends till tenth standard; we had named them too "SPACAD" -

"S" for Shilpa
"P" for Preethi Menon
"A" for Anupama
"C" for Charu - the meeee
"A" for Amoolya
"D" for Dyuthi kishan

Each of them spread across different parts of India now... Its been years since we met. Yet, I should say I treasure the memories spent with them...Sharing the lunch, teasing friends, begging for additional marks to teachers, fighting for ranks, our wonderful excursion to "MUNNAR", getting angry at silly reasons.... Wow!!! Our days were filled with mere innocence and love, I shudder to think of not getting them back again! helloonnnsss - "Do you ppl still remember this song - Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hai????" ... I wish u did!!!!

By 11th, we took different streams; some for commerce, a few for biology and computer - parted to different classes.... I thought things would be really bad then. But I guess it paved way for the 2 wonderful years of my life!!!!! The years I will never ever foget... "11 B" was my class, with very few gals and umpteen number of boys... All my classmates then are still my best friends, I'm still in touch with most of them... I terribly miss them too... Our class had a lot of new entries - most of them from UAE and places around... Hmmm... I had a tough time initially... Didn't know, and didn't want to know anyone of them... but after around 2 weeks we binded well with each other... Stood together alwayz, held common opinions, spoke of all stupid and dirty things together :-) I was chosen as the yellow house Vice captain and my buddy Thomas Stephen as another co captain. The house spirit used to whack our heads... We participated for almost all the competitions existing, to the extent that I enrolled myself for fancy dress :-) yeah i won the 2nd for it too ... It was fun, only fun!!! Our class teacher Rosemol ma'am would always keep an eye on us and has picked on us several times for bunking and roaming around!!! Teachers made our life the most colourful... Painted it with good and stressful days, that we cherish forever. copying homeworks, completing assignments, tuition works, being caught on bunking classes... Here I need to mention the names of my best friends... @ZONOBIA SAFAR, @DARSHANA, @SITA .... I still LOVE the day, we four were caught for bunking school for the same day; each of us giving stupid, lame excuses and me caught on, the last and running to find a reason.... haha... U three made my life soo wonderful and beautiful dearsss.... Love u loadsss...

The most intersting part of our school days is the "EXCURSION TIME" to Hyderabad!!! 5 wonderful days of being together - Snow World, Hussain Sagar Lake, Hijads in the train, Golconda Fort, Hotel Rajdhani... Special mention about our stay together in the hotel... Galsss... Cannot forget that day!!!! Excursion also brought me closer to my best friend Zono... Thanks for being there alwayz dear.. Every photo of those days bring tears to my eyes! I know its almost mere to impossible to get u guys together once more, but I know a day will soon come. Totally reminded of THOMAS, CHACKO, SANJU, GULSHAN, PRADEEP, AJAY, SHON, SUMEET, NAHIED, MADHU, MATHEW, JERIN, JESWIN, ANOOP, EMIL, ELAYAPPAN, VISHNU, SATHY, MITHUN, ......... Thanks for being there alwayz in my life... School has taught me "How to be" rather than "How not to be"...

school days helped realise the "GIRL" in me!! Can't forget those days when a great friend of mine was something more than that!!! 2 years of patching up and fighting out to define what relationship existed between us... ;-) I dunno how and when things changed, and from when i became more than a friend to him. But, the biggest thing he did to me was to make me understand that i can be loved, a special way!!! :-) We were the vice captains of the same house, from the same class. We fought like hell, shared our likes and dislikes, knew about each other and our lives, knew our families well, shared views and conflicted over it and above all understood and accepted each other for what we are, individually. I could never find, even after 7 years of knowing each other, a single occasion where we fought due to "ego" problems. Thomas, this is for u! For knowing me and accepting me. Walking through the past has only made me happier. On visiting our class again after years, nothing has changed! It was the same rainy day, standing near the window, enjoying the light drizzle with a wide smile. It was your presence I missed then - recollecting the day you proposed to me! I've never regretted the decisions I made, indeed u have made me stronger from inside.. I'm happy that we are friends and will remain so, over a lifetime. I realised my destiny because of you and my passion for music is the biggest thing i shared to you over our long phone calls. Thanks for being there then, now and forever. You're truly phenomenal dear...

In the 12th standard, my last year in school, I'm proud I was the Head Girl, sharing an year of wonderful times with the Head Boy and my dearest friend VISHNU PRASAD. Vishnu was more than a friend, a brother to me whose family was extended to mine. He encouraged me to be confident and helped me go through my low phases successfully. His mother, Mala aunty was a great inspiration... I'm alwayz thankful for ur love and presence .... U'll alwayz be my family!

To my most awesome friend ZONO, who never gets time to reply or answer my calls!! U idiot! U sat beside me for two years, contrasting me all the time by getting high marks, completing all the works on time, being a "BUJI".. The only thing common between us was BUNKING CLASSES .. ha ha ... I still remember the day u spoke to me secretely over phone, sitting in the loo on THE DAY to help me respond to the proposal; the day we fought at SNOW WORLD in front of Rosemol ma'am; the day you came home and announced about your marriage, our night outs, watching the ad of "##$^$*&" with Sita while your mom was beside us... ha ha... Zono, you've been a superb, cool dudette man!!! Love you loaddsss....

School would have never been so much fun without our wonderful teachers -
# Rosemol ma'am who bore with us for 2 long years, pushing us through the most important phase of our lives...

# Elsubha ma'am - whose chemistry was beyond the subject itself :-P ... who understood us by our age, teased us publicly in class even... misse njan onnum marannittilla!!! :-)

# lekha ma'am - For teaching the one subject I ever hated - PHYSICS. But if ever scored good marks (85) for the subject, it is because of you!!

# Subha Ma'am - Our lovely house warden who is still struggling at malayalam :-) You are like my mother, and I've alwayz had you with me ma'am...

# Indu ma'am - For helping me realise my love for "English"... Who introduced me to the world of writers and language...

There are lots more... Mathangi ma'am, Valsala Ma'am, Bindu ma'am ( * 2), Beena Koshy ma'am, Azmath ma'am, Mary ma'am.... A list so damn endless...

All these faces just came to mind within seconds... They've lived with me, day and night. They've made me what I am. 4 years after passing out from school has only made me realise that no memories can be as sweet as them.. Love you all .... ALLL... And thank you god for taking me through those wonderful years...

Walking past the days alone,
I'm alone yet not!
Phases are away, faces have parted,
But life lives over the memories cherished!
I lived, re-lived those days again;
Corridors, rucksacks, books and life!!
School was a home of joy,
Never revived, yet rejoiced!!! :-)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Showers of Heaven

Dry were my days,
The world around me taking all that I had;
Like a plant with no leaves,
I was left alone to survive.
Treading paths that no one left and no one followed,
I walked deserted to complete the sentences of life.

The clouds roared and the heavens blessed me,
They showed me ways to bloom and smile -
To find my life!!!
They taught me words to complete my life,
To paint my thoughts with a myriad hues....

All that I lost did i regain.
The lush green rushed through my veins,
Taught me to blooms and rise all over, again!!!

To my most respectable M Jayachandran sir, I dedicate this.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New attempt.....

Here's the next attempt before u.... This poem has a short history... I wrote this when i lost a very good friend of mine.... I'd rather say, she lost me. We've been the best friends at school and very close. we had astonishing similarities in life too. My value to friendship is much above the value i give to many important things in this world. Friends have always been a source of support and strength for me. This was one such friend of mine who was very close to my heart... I believed that i did mean so to her. But, I was mistaken. Never after she left the school has she contacted me... Never messaged or mailed me. She's physically not that far, but mentally she's gone away from me. This poem was born when i first realized that she has changed!!! But I'm happy; for every experience in life gives something new to you.... Just like how darkness teaches you the importance of light :-)

Listen to me oh god!
I lay here beneath the earth
Soiled, dark, ugly and dirty
Toiling all day and night
To keep this plant upright.
I fetch its food and all its needs,
But it not knows that I am here.
It cares me least and ignores me,
Though i love it so dear.
I spread my hands deep this earth
So that my plant grows high and strong.
I wish that one day it sees me down
And says 'I'm all yours'.
But the plant it smiles at all its fruits
And flowers that it does bear,
Not knowing that my tedious work
Has fetched them all for her.
They bloom every morning bright,
And shine throughout the day,
And the dusk sees it dry
Withered and dead by the night.
The plant feels sad, for a moment indeed,
And it sheds its tears down me.
For the next day she sees them fresh again
New flowers and fruits and bowers around
And forgets me again.
Oh God! I live here and look upto her
And work for her all life,
I love her too dear indeed
But make her love me too.
I'm deep here, invisible,
Yet happy with all my toil
For she lives happy above
Because I'm here for her.

- Charu Hariharan

I haven't lent a title to this poem yet... Any suggestions, most welcome - whether about the title or about the poem...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MY NEW WORLD ...... its a great beginning

My life lay as a dew upon a leaf.
fresh from the heaven it droppeth there,
Not knowing where to go and what to do.
Pure and clear it is;
The leaf bearing it light yet with care,
I rest upon it with the fear of falling!
But you support it like upon a palanquin.
You touch me but you don't,
But make me rush through your veins...
You play with me everyway
that gives me joy all way.

Your tender green cools me,
The twirl at your tip holds me
To thy tender hands that keep me safe all dawn.
But now the sun shines bright,
And what am I to do?
Dear leaf, take care of me.
My heart aches to leave you;
Your love it never wants to miss.
Every bright ray of the sun is sucking me up;
It is taking me away from your clutches!

But I'll be there with thee every morning,
To lay upon thy tender hands.
For love is never, for how long
But for how much

Its just a rough draft :-) .... please let me know ur reviewz :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hidden talent

The title may probably make u think that i am to discuss about someone who's new, young and fresh to the industry.... As of present there are quite a few singers in every language who attempt singing well... Its not something that surprises us... while there was a time when only a few singers were ruling the whole industry. For example, lets take tamil film industry during the 80s... Most of the songs were either sung by Janaki amma, SPB sir, Chitra, Mano, Das sir etc... Its very rare to find other singers making a mark. It was because of two main reasons as i would put them - 1) Because they never got as many songs as the singers who ruled those times. 2) Even if they sang really good and popular songs, people mistake them for the top singers.... For example, even when Mano gave excellent songs; actually he's sung innumberable songs for Raja sir; most of them were mistaken for SPB sir... This does happen for female singers too... One name worth mentioning is SUNANDA. She has sung wonderful songs for Raja sir, which were well accepted in those times too... They were again mistaken for Chitra. This trend was really pathethic... I really wanted to mention abt Sunanda because of her calibre and versatility. Here are a few beautiful songs sung by her....

1. Mannava Mannava - Walter Vetrivel - Raja sir
2. Vidiyum Neram - Sethupathi IPS - Raja sir
3. Solli Solli - Senthamizh Paattu - duet wid SPB sir - Raja sir music
4. poove Sempoove - Sollathudikkithu manasu
5. indirayo ival sundariyo - kaadalan - ARR
6. kaadal mayakkam - pudumai penn - Bharathiraaja movie - Ilayaraaja sir music

the list keeps going on!!! Even amidst singing with the best music directors in their best times, it is really sad that people dont recognize them. Singers like sunanda really deserve it, for, their calibre is no way less than the staple singers of those days.... I pray people listen to her songs and recognize her... Its nothing less than appreciating and respecting 'the one' who truly deserves it!!! Just attaching an article that recently came in hindu cochin edition... U can find out what a person was she exactly!!!


please do visit when time permits.... Its our pride to say she's a malayali who really ruled the tamil industry without public recognition for 6 long, wonderful, golden years!!!! God bless her and her music...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Venal Maram - my first movie

Me performing the song i sang for the movie, live after the audio release function... It took place in the Press club hall trivandrum...

My mom releasing the audio of the movie Venal Maram starring Bala, Lakshana(introducing) and Sona..... It was a very memorable and proud moment..... My MOM releasing the audio of the film in which i sang first.....

Director of the movie, Mohan Krishna sir speaking about the audio of the movie... to his right are seated the hero Bala and producer Sasi sir.... The film is releasing on the 27th of February.... keepin ma fingers crossed