Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Born to Love

"Born to Love" was written for a very dear sister-friend for her birthday!!! It was a different take on my writing... A new attempt yet again ... :-)

In the dawn of life,
God appeared and whispered,
“O my lovely new life,
A pure soul in a tender embodiment!
What should I bless you with?
Love and care, or wealth and pomp?

Lovely little life lit the lantern of love,
To lead the ways that are yet to come;
Blessed was it, thus born was she,
To the tender hands of her mother.

She cried with no tears,
Only to feed on love and care,
And the warmth that was showered!
She grew, with no fears;
Bound and secured to bonds
Of giving and sharing.

Days flew like winds
Over the sands of time;
With each passing day and growing imprints,
Grew did she – a beautiful she!
Growing over phases and trying times,
Win did she, the real wealth,
Impeccable and imperishable,
Of knowledge and love.
Capturing and taming hearts
Of hate and fate with love;
She lives, rules yet serves the ones,
The wealth, the real health –
Love; always sought, never stealth!

God bless thee, my love,
Bless thee and thy dears.
Love is you and all around
And all that seeks you!