Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MY NEW WORLD ...... its a great beginning

My life lay as a dew upon a leaf.
fresh from the heaven it droppeth there,
Not knowing where to go and what to do.
Pure and clear it is;
The leaf bearing it light yet with care,
I rest upon it with the fear of falling!
But you support it like upon a palanquin.
You touch me but you don't,
But make me rush through your veins...
You play with me everyway
that gives me joy all way.

Your tender green cools me,
The twirl at your tip holds me
To thy tender hands that keep me safe all dawn.
But now the sun shines bright,
And what am I to do?
Dear leaf, take care of me.
My heart aches to leave you;
Your love it never wants to miss.
Every bright ray of the sun is sucking me up;
It is taking me away from your clutches!

But I'll be there with thee every morning,
To lay upon thy tender hands.
For love is never, for how long
But for how much

Its just a rough draft :-) .... please let me know ur reviewz :-)

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