Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hidden talent

The title may probably make u think that i am to discuss about someone who's new, young and fresh to the industry.... As of present there are quite a few singers in every language who attempt singing well... Its not something that surprises us... while there was a time when only a few singers were ruling the whole industry. For example, lets take tamil film industry during the 80s... Most of the songs were either sung by Janaki amma, SPB sir, Chitra, Mano, Das sir etc... Its very rare to find other singers making a mark. It was because of two main reasons as i would put them - 1) Because they never got as many songs as the singers who ruled those times. 2) Even if they sang really good and popular songs, people mistake them for the top singers.... For example, even when Mano gave excellent songs; actually he's sung innumberable songs for Raja sir; most of them were mistaken for SPB sir... This does happen for female singers too... One name worth mentioning is SUNANDA. She has sung wonderful songs for Raja sir, which were well accepted in those times too... They were again mistaken for Chitra. This trend was really pathethic... I really wanted to mention abt Sunanda because of her calibre and versatility. Here are a few beautiful songs sung by her....

1. Mannava Mannava - Walter Vetrivel - Raja sir
2. Vidiyum Neram - Sethupathi IPS - Raja sir
3. Solli Solli - Senthamizh Paattu - duet wid SPB sir - Raja sir music
4. poove Sempoove - Sollathudikkithu manasu
5. indirayo ival sundariyo - kaadalan - ARR
6. kaadal mayakkam - pudumai penn - Bharathiraaja movie - Ilayaraaja sir music

the list keeps going on!!! Even amidst singing with the best music directors in their best times, it is really sad that people dont recognize them. Singers like sunanda really deserve it, for, their calibre is no way less than the staple singers of those days.... I pray people listen to her songs and recognize her... Its nothing less than appreciating and respecting 'the one' who truly deserves it!!! Just attaching an article that recently came in hindu cochin edition... U can find out what a person was she exactly!!!

please do visit when time permits.... Its our pride to say she's a malayali who really ruled the tamil industry without public recognition for 6 long, wonderful, golden years!!!! God bless her and her music...

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